Population Projection and Demographic Analysis

Population projections are estimates of how an area's population will change in the future. Projections are based on analysis of past and present patterns of births, deaths, and migration into and out of an area. Demographic analysis describes the characteristics of a population, past and present or projected into the future. The information derived from these strategies is used by city and regional planners, marketing organizations, school districts, and others in the private and public sectors whose work depends on knowing how population size and characteristics will evolve through time.

Population estimates are made between census years to understand where population growth has occurred and to determine the size of the growth. The size of a community's population is an important factor in state and federal formulas for distribution of public resources. Accurate and reliable estimates can ensure that communities receive their fair share.

MMR's population and demograhic analysis projects are directed by Allan Parnell. Dr. Parnell received his PhD from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has published numerous articles in academic journals and has been the Principal Investigator of four grants from the National Institutes of Health. He has served as a Research Associate for the Committee on Population at the National Academy of Sciences and has also been a member of the faculty at Duke University. In addition to his work at McMillan & Moss Research, Dr. Parnell is a Research Associate at UNC's Carolina Population Center.

Dr. Clara Muschkin is the associate director of population and demographic projects at McMillan and Moss Research. She received her PhD from Duke University, where she has been the Principal Investigator of a National Institute of Aging Project.

McMillan & Moss Research also draws from a group of experts at leading research universities for specific projects when specific skills are needed. This group includes demographers, economists and geographers at Bucknell University, Duke University, the University of North Carolina, the University of Illinois-Urbana, Ohio State University and Pennsylvania State University.

For more information, contact Allan Parnell allan@mcmoss.org


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